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EmailField Class Reference
[Basic Fields]

Inheritance diagram for EmailField:

TextField AbstractField Field List of all members.

Detailed Description

Simple email field w/ validation.

Zach Smith

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($name, Form &$parentForm, array $attribs=array())

Member Function Documentation

EmailField::__construct name,
Form &$  parentForm,
array $  attribs = array()


$name Field name
$parentForm Form object that the field belongs to.
$attribs Array of extra attributes. Any non special key values will simply be output in the HTML of the field. Special keys include:
  • value Sets a default value for the field
  • required If true then the field is "required" (will not validate with an empty value)
  • errorMessage Message to display if an error is encountered during validation.
  • regExp Regular expression to use for validation. The special values of number & float can be used. Inheirited fields may define additional special keys as needed.

Reimplemented from AbstractField.

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