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BaseJumper Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbstractFieldAbstract field class
AbstractListFieldAbstract list
array('foo', 'bar', array(1, 2, 'baz')Converts to and from JSON format., array(4))); $output = $json->encode($value);
AtomCreator03AtomCreator03 is a FeedCreator that implements the atom specification, as in based autocomplete field
AutoloadThe autoload interface class
BaseAdminBasic Administration area
BaseAlertUsed with the BaseUser class to give an easy, quick way to alert the user to a variety of things
BaseAlertsGet a users alerts
BaseCalendarManage events with calendar functionality
BaseCommentBaseComment is an object used for comment threads
BaseCronsPages that can be used as cron jobs
BaseEventA basic event with dates, guests, etc
BaseForumUsed in combination with BaseForumThread and BaseForumThreadComment to make a nice little forum system
BaseForumsGet all our forums
BaseForumThreadA stub class to hold subject, and stats on a thread
BaseForumThreadsGet all our forum threads
BaseGalleryA class to handle the drawing of a gallery of BaseImages
BaseGroupBaseGroup is a module that simplifies groups of users
BaseImageBaseImage is a class for dealing with images
BaseInboxGet a users inbox messages
BaseInvitationA basic invitation object to handle invitations for a variety of things
BaseInvitationsGet a users invitations
BaseJumperBaseJumper is the controller for your whole site
BaseLayoutBaseLayout is a basic layout that implements some nice default behavior for you to use
BaseMapA nice easy class for doing Google Maps Mashups
BaseMessageBasic, but full featured Message class
BaseModuleA modules that handles the very basic, core tasks of the module system
BaseObjectBaseObject is a class for dealing with simple objects
BaseOutboxGet a users outbox messages
BaseRPSGameEasily add RPS gaming functionality to your site
BaseTagsBaseTags is an object dealing with tags ala Web 2.0
BaseTemplateThe mother template
BaseThreadHandles drawing a comment thrad for a BaseObject
BaseTicketA class to handle automated logins via special links called 'tickets'
BaseUserBaseUser is a class that handles the basics (and advanced's) of having users on your site
BaseUserActionActions are to give the user more ways to interact
BaseUserActionsGet the actions done/given to a user
BlankTemplateA blank template with no header/footer
ButtonFieldA button
CacheBotThis class is a wrapper that makes it easy to work with EasyCache, regardless of where you are or what caching method you use.
CheckboxFieldCheckbox field
CheckboxListFieldSet of checkboxes
CityStateZipFieldField to edit a city / state / zip combo field
CollectionFieldA field that is a set of multiple fields
ConditionalFieldField that is active only when an accompaning checkbox is selected (or not selected)
DateFieldDate control
DateTimeFieldCombination date & time field
DbSelectFieldSelect field that gets its values from a database field
EasyCacheA class that handles creating / updating / saving of data to be cached
EasyDBCacheThis class caches data to a database! if you cant access a file system or you want to do everything via db, then this is for you
EasyFileCacheThis class caches data to files in the filesystem
EasyMemCacheCache data directly to memory
EditorFieldEditor Field for FCKEditor text
EmailFieldSimple email field w/ validation
EmailSMSProviderSend SMS via email gateway
FeedCreatorFeedCreator is the abstract base implementation for concrete implementations that implement a specific format of syndication
FeedDateFeedDate is an internal class that stores a date for a feed or feed item
FeedHtmlFieldAn FeedHtmlField describes and generates a feed, item or image html field (probably a description)
FeedImageAn FeedImage may be added to a FeedCreator feed
FeedItemA FeedItem is a part of a FeedCreator feed
FieldField interface
GenderFieldSet of radio buttons
HiddenFieldA hidden field
HTMLCreatorHTMLCreator is a FeedCreator that writes an HTML feed file to a specific location, overriding the createFeed method of the parent FeedCreator
HtmlDescribableAn HtmlDescribable is an item within a feed that can have a description that may include HTML markup
HTMLTemplateA HTML oriented template
ImageSizeImageSize is a class for dealing with various image sizes
ImgImage Manipulation
InvalidAttributeValueExceptionException thrown when an invalid attribute value is attempted to be set in a Field
InvalidCallbackExceptionException thrown when an invalid callback function is encountered
InvalidFieldNameExceptionException thrown when a field name is attempted to be accessed but does not exist
InvalidQueryExceptionException thrown when an invalid query is attempted to be set in a db field
InvalidValueExceptionException thrown when an invalid value is attempted to be set in a field
IpAddressFieldField to display a Internet Protocol (IP) address
JSCreatorJSCreator is a class that writes a js file to a specific location, overriding the createFeed method of the parent HTMLCreator
JSONJSON function abstraction
JSONTemplateJSON based template for easy AJAX sites
LabelFieldField that inserts a label (static text w/ title) into a form
LayoutLayout interface
LinkifyLinkfy is a class that does a lot of nifty text effects
MailSimple, unified mail interface
MBOXCreatorMBOXCreator is a FeedCreator that implements the mbox format as described in
MultiSelectFieldA field where you can select multiple options
MyMailThis is our wrapper class for phpmailer
MyManagerPlaceholder class for your use
MyModulePlaceholder class for your use
MyObjectPlaceholder class for your use
NameFieldField to edit a name
NoCacheThis class doesnt cache anywhere
NoDbConnectionExceptionException thrown when a Form object needs to do some DB operation and no DB object has been set
NotValidatedExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to access the dataa on an unvalidated field
ObjectManagerA class to handle searching/sorting/pagination of BaseObjects
OneColumnTableLayoutDraw the form as a table with one column
OneLineLayoutDraw the entire form on one single line
OPMLCreatorOPMLCreator is a FeedCreator that implements OPML 1.0
PasswordChangeFieldPassword change field
PasswordFieldPassword field
PhoneNumberFieldField to display a phone number
PIECreator01PIECreator01 is a FeedCreator that implements the emerging PIE specification, as in
RadioFieldRadio button field
RadioListFieldSet of radio buttons
RSSCreator091RSSCreator091 is a FeedCreator that implements RSS 0.91 Spec, revision 3
RSSCreator10RSSCreator10 is a FeedCreator that implements RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0
RSSCreator20RSSCreator20 is a FeedCreator that implements RDF Site Summary (RSS) 2.0
SelectFieldDropdown selection field
SiteAccess BaseJumper instance anywhere
SMSSMS is a class for easy sending of SMS messages
SMSProviderSend SMS's to a provider
SSNFieldField to display a US Social Security Number
StaticFieldField that inserts static text that spans columns into a form
TableLayoutDraw the form as a two column table
TableNotSetExceptionException thrown when table is not set
TextareaFieldTextarea Field for bulk text
TextFieldSimple text field
TimeTime is a class for formatting of time
TimeFieldTime field
UniversalFeedCreatorUniversalFeedCreator lets you choose during runtime which format to build
UploadFieldFile upload field
UsStateFieldField to display US States
UtilUtil handles all the oddball functions that are useful
XMLTemplateXML based template

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