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DateField Class Reference
[Collection Fields]

Inheritance diagram for DateField:

AbstractField Field List of all members.

Detailed Description

Date control.

Scott Peshak
2006-04-09 23:04:29 -0500 (Sun, 09 Apr 2006)

make this an actual collection field

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($name, Form &$parentForm, array $attribs=array())
 drawInput ()
 Draw field.
 setDataFromRequest ()
 Set the form's data from the $_REQUEST array.

Public Attributes

 $beginYear = ''
 $endYear = ''

Member Function Documentation

DateField::__construct name,
Form &$  parentForm,
array $  attribs = array()


$name Name of field
$parentForm Form that owns the field.
$attribs Array of extra attributes.

Reimplemented from AbstractField.

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DateField::drawInput  ) 

Draw field.

Implements Field.

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DateField::setDataFromRequest  ) 

Set the form's data from the $_REQUEST array.

Reimplemented from AbstractField.

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Member Data Documentation

DateField::$beginYear = ''

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DateField::$endYear = ''

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