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Todo List

Member BaseCalendar::getYearHTML ($year)
remove this or make it work

Member BaseCalendar::$day
wtf is this for?

Class BaseEvent
add code for creation of guests table

Member BaseEvent::canInvite ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::canUnInvite ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::createInviteForm ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::createUnInviteForm ($user)
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::drawInvitePage ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::drawLocation ($map=false)
make this function do something real.

Member BaseEvent::drawUnInvitePage ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::emailInvite ($user)
move this to event invite module

Member BaseEvent::getPagesXml ()
remove invite / uninvite pages. we want to move that to an EventInvitation

Member BaseEvent::initInvitePage ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::initUnInvitePage ()
remove this page

Member BaseEvent::inviteGuest ($id)
remove this function to event invite

Class BaseImage
de-couple this so closely from albums, or 'content_id' stuff. perhaps add a new class, ContentImage that extends off this one.

Member BaseImage::drawBulkApplet ($contentId)
remove contentId in an extensible fashion

Member BaseImage::drawBulkConfigPage ()
update to remove content_id in an extensible fashion

Member BaseImage::drawBulkFormPage ()
remove content id in extensible way

Member BaseImage::drawBulkFormSelect ()
remove content id in an extensible fashion

Member BaseImage::drawBulkPostPage ()
remove contentId in an extensible fashion

Member BaseImage::getCreateFieldsArray ()
remove contentId in an extensible fashion

Member BaseImage::getCreateIndexesArray ()
remove contentId in an extensible fashion

Class BaseMessage
Extend this from BaseComment

add create table stuff for in/outboxes

Member BaseMessage::drawChildMessages ()
make this more like BaseComment, or extend from it

Member BaseMessage::getChildren ()
double check if this works or is used

Member BaseObject::load ($data, $deep=true)
this will change in v2.2 to load the data from cache or look it up from the db.

Member BaseObject::loadData ($id, $deep=true)
remove and put comments / tags into load. also make a loadfromdb function

Member BaseObject::lookupData ($deep=true)
update this whole data loading process to be much smoother

Member BaseUser::confirmUser ()
make it parameter based.

Member BaseUser::deletePost ()
make behaviour configurable

Member BaseUser::drawDeleteMePage ()
make this a confirmation form page

Member BaseUser::getPagesXml ()
remove deleteme

Member BaseUser::initDeleteMePage ()
change this to a delete page w/ confirmation. this could be maliciously used to have people delete their accounts.

Member BaseUser::saveEmailPrefs ($form)
fix in form class.

Member BaseUser::tryPassReset ()
check if its depreciated.

Member CollectionField::setDataFromRequest ()
implement setData

Class DateField
make this an actual collection field

Member Form::drawAll ($action=null, $submitText=null)
move all this to draw() in v2.2

Member ObjectManager::loadObjects ($data)
make this much more efficient and not so shitty v2.2 baby!

Class TimeField
make this an actual collection field

Member UploadField::validate ()
display who the server is running as to give a fix hint

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