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JSON Class Reference
[Helper Classes]

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Detailed Description

JSON function abstraction.

this class is a static wrapper for json that allows us to use it without having to worry about whether JSON is compiled in or not. for more info on JSON, visit

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Static Public Member Functions

 encode ($var)
 this encodes data into JSON format
 decode ($text)
 this decodes a JSON string to a PHP object

Member Function Documentation

JSON::decode text  )  [static]

this decodes a JSON string to a PHP object

$text the JSON string
a php variable from that data.

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JSON::encode var  )  [static]

this encodes data into JSON format

$var any PHP variable to encode.
the JSON encoded string.

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Referenced by JSONTemplate::drawError(), ObjectManager::drawJSONOutput(), BaseObject::drawJSONPage(), BaseMap::drawLookupPage(), and JSONTemplate::drawStatus().

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