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Mail Class Reference
[Helper Classes]

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Detailed Description

Simple, unified mail interface.

Mail is a singleton class that handles sending mail in an easy, __autoload friendly fashion.

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Static Public Member Functions

 send ($to, $subject, $message, $html=null, $from=null)
 send our mail to an address
 setMailer (phpmailer $mailer)
 set our mailer object.
 getMailer ()
 get our mailer object.

Private Member Functions

 __construct ()
 no instantiation...

Static Private Attributes

 this is our mailer class instance.

Member Function Documentation

Mail::__construct  )  [private]

no instantiation...

singleton class

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Mail::getMailer  )  [static]

get our mailer object.

our phpmailer derived object

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Mail::send to,
html = null,
from = null

send our mail to an address

$to the to email address, or a comma separated list of them.
$subject the subject of the email
$message the body of the email
$html the html body of the email
$from the from email address
the result of the email sending.

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Referenced by BaseUser::mail(), and EmailSMSProvider::send().

Mail::setMailer phpmailer $  mailer  )  [static]

set our mailer object.

$mailer a phpmailer derived object

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Member Data Documentation

Mail::$mailer [static, private]

this is our mailer class instance.

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